Tic Tac Toe Chicken

The Tic Tac Toe Chicken

Just An overview of some of the benefits this amazing promotion brings to your casino:

Increases Tracked Play By Phenomenal Numbers:

Before the chicken, one casino was suffering with only about 17% tracked play; only 17 out of every 100 people on the people on their floor at any given time were using a players' club card in the slot machine when they played.

When we added the chicken promotion (with mandatory insertion of players club card for a customer to challenge the chicken), players' club card usage rose to 44% of the floor during the first month and rocketed up to 74% of the floor by the end of the promotion.
Increase Club Membership & Traffic In The Casino:

Another casino's slowest days were Wednesdays. They were so slow that in new club sign-ups only about an average of 35 new members signed up on a typical Wednesday (before the chicken promotion).

With the introduction of the chicken promotion, the Wednesday peak of new players sign-up jumped to 980 during one Wednesday during the promotion. The only incentive was an "I Got Beat By The Chicken" tee-shirt if they played and lost on a Wednesday.
Increase In Incremental Revenue:


At one casino, on a typical day the chicken promotion would operate for eight hours with approximately 60 players per hour or 480 players per day (600 players on weekends). Of those players approximately 43% were new players who came because of the chicken promotion; they wanted to have a chance more than once or twice a week.

The majority of the remaining 57% were existing players who previously had not been tracked (because they were not club members until the chicken arrived).

As a result of those increased visits, the property experienced a monthly incremental revenue increase of approximately 13% ... directly attributable to the promotion.

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