The Tic-Tac-Toe playing chicken promotion is owned, trained, and directed by legendary animal trainer and rodeo clown Bunky Boger, his wife Connie, and their son Kelly.

Using the humane, scientific, and well-proven methods developed by legendary psychologist B.F. Skinner, the Arkansas-based Boger family takes loving care to personally train each chicken...even to the point of naming them and recognizing them on sight.

Connie and Bunky Boger working at a State Fair

Famous Rodeo Clown Bunky Boger

Already among the best known animal trainers and handlers in the world (and a guest on David Letterman as well as dozens of other TV shows), Bunky Boger's down-home charm and serious care for his animals made the tic-tac-toe promotion a natural next step.

Far beyond simple Pavlovian training for the birds, Connie carefully picks and trains each candidate chick and Bunky oversees the operation with his famous attention-to-detail, wit, and out-and-out charm. They are ready to bring this amazing promotion to your casino today!

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